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Cable car Zott - Alpe Salei

A priceless view of the Locarnese as far as Lake Maggiore

Alpe Salei

A priceless view of the Locarnese as far as Lake Maggiore

Laghetto di Salei

The Laghetto di Salei, an ideal resting place in the great outdoors and for a picnic in the meadow


The unique atmosphere, absolute peace and quiet with no roads or traffic noise make Ligünc something very special

Bagni di Craveggia

The thermal spa on the banks of the River Isorno is a breathtaking scenario between heaven and earth


Spruga is a charming village in the Valle Onsernone
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With the foundation of the Canton of Ticino in 1803, Comologno became an municipality. The 19th century marked a period of demographic growth, coinciding with the emergence and development of rye straw processing. Following the decline of agriculture, animal husbandry and straw craft, the population declined rapidly.
From Vergeletto, in the area of Zott and near the forest reserve of the Arena, a modern cableway with four cabins takes you up to the Alpe Salei at an altitude of 1783m in only 7 minutes./>

From here you can easily reach the inviting mountain hut, a crystal clear mountain lake (about 20 min. walk), some mountain peaks with breathtaking panoramic views (the Pilone between the Onsernone Valley and the Vergeletto Valley) as well as the Alps and the villages of Comologno and Spruga (about 1,30h walk)./>

Starting right at the Alpe Salei, a hiking trail over the Alps leads you past Alpe Arena to the scenic Alpe Porcareccio with its mountain huts.
Alpe Salei
Either from Comologno (1,085 m a.s.l.) on foot via Ligünc, the Lavadina valley and Piani della Galera, (1.5 hrs.) or from Vergeletto-Zott by cable car you can reach Alpe Salei (1,777 m a.s.l.) and the hut of the same name (with board and lodging). After an easy walk of about 40 minutes on a path with a slight incline and a priceless view of the Locarnese to the Lago Maggiore.
Laghetto di Salei
From Alpe Salei you can reach the Laghetto di Salei in about 45 minutes along an easy path lined with alpine roses and well signposted, a great place to rest or for a picnic on the meadow.
Ligünc (1343 m) is situated above Comologno and offers you a fantastic view, far into the valley, down towards Locarno. The unique atmosphere, absolute tranquility without roads or traffic noise make Ligünc something unique.
Bagni di Craveggia
The Baths of Craveggia are located on the Italian-Swiss border, between the Valle Onsernone and the Val Vigezzo. Surrounded by a lush forest, the thermal pools on the banks of the river Isorno offer a breathtaking scenario between heaven and earth.
THE LAST VILLAGE IN THE VALLEY Spruga is the last village of the Valle Onsernone. In the 1960s and 1970s, the small village was a refuge for hippies from German-speaking Switzerland.
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various hikes in the surroundings, Locarno, Ascona, Isole di Brissago, pilgrimage church Madonna del Sasso, Verzasca Valley, Maggia Valley

Market in Luino (Italy) Wednesday 09.00 - 16.30 and market in Cannobio (Italy) Sunday 08.00 - 13.00

Casa Onsernone

Teofilo Marconi
6663 Comologno
Valle Onsernone


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